Exclusive Sneak Peek: City of Lost Souls by Cassie Clare

We have a very special treat today, as part of the conclusion to our week-long feature with Mundie Moms: City of Fallen Angels: Not So Mundane Moments … thanks to author Cassandra Clare, we have an exclusive sneak peek at the next book in The Mortal Instruments, City of Lost Souls.

Today, we’ve also got a look back at all of this week’s favorite CoFA moments from here at Novel Novice, and at Mundie Moms — as well as the winners of our contest! But first, of course, the moment we know you’re most anticipating.

Here is our exclusive sneak peek at City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare:

“Well, hello there, Mother,” Sebastian said in a voice like silk. “Surprised to see me?”

And now for the contest winners!

The winner of a signed copy of City of Fallen Angels is …

Michelle Dziedzic

The following winner will receive a City of Fallen Angels poster:

Allie Tolar

And the final runner-up will receive a set of City of Fallen Angels postcards:

Tiffany Briggs

Congrats to all our winners!! Be sure to head over to Mundie Moms to find out who won their contest!

And here’s a look back at all of our favorite CoFA moments from this past week:

Novel Novice’s Favorite Scenes:

Mundie Moms’ Favorite Scenes:

For the comments:  Tell us YOUR favorite scenes/moments/spoilers from City of Fallen Angels!


5 thoughts on “Exclusive Sneak Peek: City of Lost Souls by Cassie Clare

Add yours

    1. Since you provided your mailing info in the contest entry form, we’ll be using that to send out your prize. We don’t typically email contest winners.

  1. Great Sneak Peak of COLS!! Wow this should be interesting to see what happens now, given that Sebastian/Johnathon has inhabited Jace’s body!! One of my favorite parts is training part at the institute with Jace and Clary. I love most scenes with them. I also the Love the part where Maia kisses Jordan and he asks why she kissed him and she is like I don’t know why and she didn’t know if she would do it again Classic!!

  2. Jace and I are now officially screwed, and having said that the steadily growing bigger group of demons are moving closer and closer still. And I still have no clue how they have ended up here of all places! I close my eyes and contemplate all of the significant things in my life since I was now going to die; the band-still with no long term name-, Clary, my mom and my vampirness. Beside me is Jace for once powerless against anything that will now occur, and for some reason he has an incredulous look on his face while staring up at the sky. At that moment I became aware of the dark shape blocking out the moonlight. It was a dragon. A BIG dragon. And when I say big I mean flipping humongous. On its scaly back I saw a flash of red, no, how the hell is she here?! But I had no time to contemplate it as Clary leaped off of its back wielding two shining seraph blades slicing through the demons’ skin and cries with no mercy until they had all been vanquished. She came to a stop in front of them pocketing her knives wearing a pair of ratty jeans and t-shirt. Clary grinned at us with typical Clary humour “so” she drawled clearly relishing every minute of being our heroin “I heard you needed someone to save you. Oh, by the way this is “Stella Viride” or Stella for short’’. She pointed a fond look to the green scaled beast that looked upon me with such a disdainful look that Clary and Jace did not even try to hide their laughs.


    P.S.I AM ACTUALLY ONLY 13!!!!!!!!!!!!

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