Favorite CoFA Spoilers: Clary & Isabelle Kick Demon Ass!

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Only two days left now in our week-long feature with Mundie Moms, in which we highlight our favorite spoiler-y moments from City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.

And today’s moment is all about Girl Power. (Yes, I used upper case letters.)

It’s no secret that Cassie’s books all have some pretty kick-ass female characters (and a notable lack of “damsels in distress”) — but CoFA boasts one of the most awesome, Buffy-esque, girls-kicking-ass-moments yet. And that is the scene on pages 218-221, when Clary and Isabelle destroy the Hydra demon.

This scene proves, once again, that both Clary and Izzy are strong, powerful characters, who aren’t afraid to fight back and get a little messy in the process. (Hey, demon blood ain’t pretty!)

Here’s an excerpt from this kick-ass scene:

Her heart doing a wild tango in her chest, Clary turned and ran for the front door, but the demon was faster than she was. With a grunt of effort it launched itself over her and landed in front of the doors, blocking her way out. Making a hissing noise, it moved toward her, its two living heads swaying, then rising, stretching to their full length in order to strike at her —

Something flashed through the air, a darting flame of silvery gold. The demon’s heads whipped around, the hissing rising to a scream, but it was too late — the silvery thing that encircled them pulled tight, and with a spray of blackish blood, its remaining two heads sheared away. Clary rolled out of the way as flying blood splattered her, searing her skin. Then she ducked her head as the headless body swayed, fell toward her —

And was gone.

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