Favorite CoFA Spoilers: Alec & Magnus Return!

It’s time for Favorite Spoiler #3 from City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare — our week-long feature we’re doing in partnership with Mundie Moms!

Finally! Our other favorite couple from The Mortal Instruments returns. The first half of CoFA felt a little empty without Alec & Magnus, so it was a delight to finally see this pair march back into the action (literally, they marched into the room) on page 249.

True, things felt a little less lively without Alec & Magnus in the first half of CoFA (though if you’ve gotten a peek at the “postcard” short story Cassie put together, you have some idea what they’ve been up to on their travels — hilarious!) — but the pair, lovingly known as “Malec” among fans, definitely amps up the action and the angst when they appear.

Here’s a brief excerpt from this scene:

“She [Camille] is of interest in our current investigation into the deaths of three Shadowhunters,” said Maryse. “We need information from her, and she will only talk to Magnus Bane.”

“Really?” Alec looked at Camille with puzzled interest. “Only to Magnus?”

Magnus followed his gaze, and for the first time — or so it seemed to Simon — looked at Camille directly. Something crackled between them, a sort of energy. Magnus’s mouth quirked up at the corners into a wistful smile.

“Yes,” Maryse said, a look of puzzlement passing over her face as she caught the look between the warlock and the vampire. “That is, if Magnus is willing.”

“I am,” Magnus said, drawing off his gloves. “I’ll talk to Camille for you.”

“Camille?” Alec looked at Magnus with his eyebrows raised. “You know her, then? Or — she knows you?”

“We know each other.” Magnus shrugged, very slightly, as if to say, What can you do? “Once upon a time she was my girlfriend.”

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