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Want more great sites about your favorite books? Here are some of our favorite blogs & websites!

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  1. Hi! We’re getting referrals from your site, but don’t see it mentioned. Thanks for the traffic, just curious about the source. Great looking site you have here, too! I’ll follow on Twitter – you folks look like good suggesters for new books to add to our site!

  2. I just followed you on twitter! Beautiful blog. I was wondering would you like to affiliate with our site? We are a Warriors RPG, which you probably know is a young adult/preteen series. If interested just email me, we do get a lot of traffic and would add your link promptly. If not interested, that is fine too =)

  3. Hello there!

    I’m Saph, the advertiser for HUNGER GAMES RPG. Yesterday, Tinypic took down our affiliate banner for some reason and our link broke on every site it’s on. We are currently affiliates with your site. Please replace our banner with the following (which works):

    Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience!

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