Favorite CoFA Spoilers: Simon Saves the Day!

It’s time for our #4 favorite spoiler from City of Fallen Angels, as we continue our weeklong feature with Mundie Moms!

Now, it’s no secret that Simon definitely gets a bigger part to play in CoFA — and this turns out to be a very good thing. Here’s a character with so much going on in his life — struggling with his vampire nature, two lady friends, and that whole pesky Downworlder/Shadowhunter thing. It’s not easy being Simon.

But Simon has a real rock star moment in CoFA at the end when he saves the day, destroying the demon Lilith (pages 387-388). It’s truly epic, and it was one of those moments that made me cheer out loud and clap when I read it. I can’t wait to see more awesome, kick-ass moments like this from Simon in future books.

Here’s my favorite passage:

And he was there, sliding between Lilith and Clary as the demoness’s hand came down. The long, razored silver wire struck him across the face and chest — there was a moment of shocking pain — and then the air seemed to burst apart around him like glittering confetti, and Simon heard Clary scream, a clear sound of shock and amazement that cut through the darkness. “Simon!

Lilith froze. She stared from Simon, to Clary, still hanging in the air, and then down at her own hand, now empty. She drew in a long, ragged breath.

Sevenfold,” she whispered — and was abruptly cut off as a blinding incandescence lit up the night.

Today’s Code Word: LILITH

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