Favorite CoFA Spoilers: Jace & Clary Communicate!

Our week-long joint feature with Mundie Moms, featuring our favorite spoilers from City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare continues today with our #2 favorite moment … something we considered one of the series’ most mature moments.

Yes, we’re talking about the scene on pages 254-258, when Jace finally tells Clary what’s been going on.

Oh, the communication! The maturity! The progress in their relationship!

One of the most frustrating things to read in a book is when couples (especially young, teen couples) fail to communicate. It’s something that’s generally a mark of their youth. After all, generally the ability to communicate is something that comes with maturity.

That’s why this scene was so refreshing to me. I loved that we get to see Jace’s & Clary’s relationship developing; to see them take that next step. They trust each other, and prove it by opening up and talking about what’s going on. Granted, their problems are far from over at this point — but we know that most of the problems facing their relationship at this point are due to outside, supernatural influences. (And really, that’s something no level of maturity can help.)

Here’s a short excerpt from this scene:

“It happens every night.” Jace was sitting on the floor, his legs drawn up, his hands dangling between his knees. He had put the knife on the bed next to Clary; she kept one hand on it while he talked — more to reassure him than because she needed it to defend herself. All the energy seemed to have drained out of Jace; even his voice sounded empty and far away while he talked, as if he were speaking to her from a great distance. “I dream that you come into my room and we … start doing what we were just doing. And then I hurt you. I cut you or strangle or stab you, and you die, looking up at me with those green eyes of yours while your life bleeds away between my hands.”

“They’re only dreams,” Clary said gently.

“You just saw that they aren’t,” said Jace. “I was wide awake when I picked up that knife.”

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3 thoughts on “Favorite CoFA Spoilers: Jace & Clary Communicate!

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  1. I love this scene too. Many of the big problems that happen in books come from a lack of communication between characters. A lot of time I’m left thinking “If only she had told him what was going on, then they wouldn’t be in this mess!” It definitely was a big relief when Jace sucked it up and told Clary about what was going on.

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