Favorite CoFA Spoilers: The Clockwork Angel Crossovers!

Only three more days left in our week-long feature with Mundie Moms, in which we feature our favorite spoiler-y moments from City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.

And what I love so much about today’s favorite moment is that it so perfectly illustrates the way Clare is expanding the crossover between her two series: The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. And since Clockwork Angel is currently my favorite of all Cassie’s books, I loved every time we got little references to people, places or events that took place in that book.

But perhaps my favorite in all of CoFA came on pages 375-378, when Alec (feeling a little insecure in his relationship with Magnus), asks the vampire Camille about Will Herondale — whom Alec had really only learned about in passing.

Here’s a brief excerpt from this exchange:

“Who’s Will?” Alec said. The words came out abruptly, unexpectedly, and much to his horror.

“Will?” For a moment her face was blank; then it creased into a look of realization, and near amusement. “You heard my conversation with Magnus.”

“Some of it.” Alec exhaled carefully. “Will is dead, isn’t he? I mean, Magnus said it was a long time ago that he knew him …”

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