Book of the Month

Every month from February to November on Novel Novice, we feature a new book — a new or recently released title that we think is worth checking out. This is where you’ll find info & links to all of our Books of the Month.

2016 Book of the Month is on temporary hiatus while we migrate our site from to and make a few changes to our design, work flow, and content production. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work taking place to make that happen, so we’re suspending Book of the Month until we get back on track — hopefully by March or April. Thanks for your patience!

2015 Book of the Month

2014 Book of the Month Features:

2013 Book of the Month Features:

2012 Book of the Month Features:

2011 Book of the Month Features:

2010 Book of the Month Features:

Publishers/authors e-mail to have your book(s) featured on Novel Novice.

Why is there no Book of the Month in December and January? We take those months off to give ourselves a little break for the holidays. We still provide plenty of great reviews, contests, and other features during those months, so you don’t miss out!

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