The Best of Fateful by Claudia Gray

Today marks the end of our September Book of the Month feature on Fateful by Claudia Gray — but before we bid fareful to this gorgeous paranormal/historical fiction romance, we take a look back at the highlights:

Fateful-inspired Titanic Writing Contest

Write a short story (or part of a short story) that takes place on the Titanic. Be sure to pay attention to historic details, and maybe do a bit of research before you start writing. Feel free to use your imagination & be creative. In Fateful, Claudia Gray combines the Titanic story with werewolves — and we want you to feel free to mix up your genres, as well. (But you don’t have to — writing a classic historical fiction story is totally fine, too!)

Your stories may be as long as you’d like, but for the purposes of this contest, please ONLY submit between 250-500 words. It can be an excerpt or part of the beginning, but we can’t read entries longer than 500 words.

Submit your writing via the Fateful Novel Novice Writing Contest Entry Form & get all the rules & details here first before you submit!

The contest deadline is TONIGHT, September 30th, by midnight (PT).

Fateful Inspires Educational Content

We had LOTS of great ways to tie-in this book with education — from further reading materials, to exploring folklore or real-life history:

Showing Our Love for Fateful

Besides posting our review of Fateful, we also celebrated the release date, shared tour information for author Claudia Gray, and created some original desktop wallpapers:

One-on-One with Claudia Gray

We also interviewed Claudia about her fantastic book. See the entire interview here:

For the comments: What was your favorite part about our month-long feature on Fateful?

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