Book Review: Fateful by Claudia Gray

Whether or not you’re a fan of Claudia Gray’s Evernight series, you will find plenty to love in the author’s new standalone novel, Fateful.

Fateful is a thrilling paranormal story set on the Titanic. It follows Tess Davies, as she sets out on that fateful voyage in 1912 with the family she’s been working under for most of her life. But Tess has a secret plan. When the Titanic gets to America, she’s leaving the family. She’s going to take her meager savings and strike out on her own. Then she meets Alec, a charming first-class passenger who confuses her in every way — right down to the secrets she knows he’s keeping. But Tess can’t stay away, and she soon finds herself at the center of a an ongoing battle for power amongst werewolves. In the midst of werewolf drama and falling in love, Tess’s plans for freedom are also crumbling. And then, the Titanic hits an iceburg, and Tess isn’t sure if she, Alec or anyone else will make it to America at all.

Gray is already a master of writing difficult romances and paranormal adventures, and her skills shine in Fateful — as she weaves together mystery, intrigue, romance, werewolves, and the most infamous voyage of all time. The result is a fast-paced story that’s simply fun to read.

What’s really so spectacular about Fateful is that it offers SO MUCH within its 300 some-odd pages. There are so many elements that Gray could have easily written three or four different books, yet she weaves them together so perfectly that what you have is a lush, multi-layered book. Every aspect of this book works: the romance, the story of social struggle, the fateful voyage of the Titanic, the werewolf saga.

This seamlessly woven together saga is held together nicely by a wonderful cast of characters. Tess and Alec alone are characters worthy of following — yet, there is a whole cast of characters worth caring about. From Alec’s well-meaning father, to Tess’s colorful and spirited roommate on board the Titanic. Even the less savory characters are intriguing and engaging.

Fateful will quickly and easily sweep you up. And while I enjoy the rare treat of a standalone paranormal novel, part of me wishes there was more. What happens after the voyage on the Titanic? Well, that’s what our imaginations are for, aren’t they? (Well, imaginations … and fan fiction.)

Fateful is in stores September 13th, and we’ll be featuring it here all-month long on Novel Novice.

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