Fateful by Claudia Gray: Titanic Writing Contest

Whether you’re “king of the world” or not, thoughts of the Titanic instantly bring to mind images of the world’s most luxurious ocean liner — and one of the world’s most infamous disasters of all time. Wrought with peril, the Titanic is also tragically romantic — and author Claudia Gray uses that to her advantage in her upcoming standalone novel Fateful.

So we want you to do the same thing for this month’s writing contest! Keep reading for details …

The Contest

Write a short story (or part of a short story) that takes place on the Titanic. Be sure to pay attention to historic details, and maybe do a bit of research before you start writing.

Make sure you know who your character is, why they’re on the Titanic, and what they hope to find when the ship reaches America.

Is your character a first-class passenger? A servant? Or someone in the cheaper, lower-class cabins?

Feel free to use your imagination & be creative. In Fateful, Claudia Gray combines the Titanic story with werewolves — and we want you to feel free to mix up your genres, as well. (But you don’t have to — writing a classic historical fiction story is totally fine, too!)

Your stories may be as long as you’d like, but for the purposes of this contest, please ONLY submit between 250-500 words. It can be an excerpt or part of the beginning, but we can’t read entries longer than 500 words.

Submit your writing via the Fateful Novel Novice Writing Contest Entry Form.

The Prize

Three (3) winners will each receive a copy of Fateful by Claudia Gray, courtesy of HarperTeen!

The Rules

  • U.S. only
  • One entry per person
  • Use the entry form
  • Entries should be 250-500 words only
  • Use proper grammar & spelling

The Deadline

All entries must be submitted by midnight (PT) on Friday, September 30th.

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments & we’ll reply!

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