Claudia Gray: Fateful Q&A Part 2

Today we bring you part two of our exclusive Q&A with Fateful author Claudia Gray!

I know you did extensive research while writing FATEFUL … were there any big surprises that you discovered along the way?

 I don’t know that any one piece of information shocked me as much as the sheer volume of information available. You can get the exact menus of every meal served on board! You can find biographical profiles of every single passenger! You can view blueprints and wallpaper samples online! The single greatest treasure trove of info I found (in the book 1912 FACTS ABOUT TITANIC by Lee W. Merideth) was a detailed list of exactly which lifeboats launched when, who was on board each, and some things that happened during the many hours between the lifeboats’ launch and their rescue by Carpathia. If you’ve read FATEFUL, you know how valuable that was!

I love all the different elements that come into play in FATEFUL … the werewolf drama, the romance, the social struggles, etc. It’s almost as if you could have written three different stories — yet combined, they make a novel that is all the more exciting. But I’m curious — out of all the different elements at work in FATEFUL, what came first and how did the others evolve?

 Well, after the basic concept of “werewolves on the Titanic”, I first needed a main character. Tess took shape very quickly, actually — it normally takes me longer to get to know my protagonists. But I hit on the idea of having her be a servant girl, someone who would have access to the gilded world of first class but who didn’t actually belong there. As soon as I’d done that, Tess seemed to have her life and her personality, all together; the first chapter of FATEFUL rolled out easier than any other first chapter I’ve ever written. Everybody else sort of evolved from asking what Tess’ life would be like, why she would be willing to leave England behind forever, what kind of guy would challenge her the most, and what sort of people she’d meet both in first and third class.

Thanks again, Claudia! The interview continues tomorrow!

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