Fateful by Claudia Gray: Essay & Project Ideas

One of the things we love so much about Fateful by Claudia Gray is that it is rich with so many different elements — all making it not only an excellent read, but also the perfect book to carry over to the classroom. Whether you’re a student or a teacher looking for ideas, here are some essay & project ideas incorporating Fateful into an educational concept to get you started!

Essay Topics:

* Explore how social class on the Titanic plays a role in Tess and Alec’s relationship. What other ways does her social class impact Tess throughout Fateful.

* Look at different werewolf legends throughout history and compare them to the werewolf lore Claudia Gray has created in Fateful. How are they similar? Different?

* There are many different relationships in Fateful, both romantic and familial. Choose two different relationships & compare them. Some to consider:

* Tess & Alec
* Myriam & George
* Tess & Ned
* Tess & her sister
* Tess & Miss Irene
* Miss Irene & Lady Regina
* Irene & Ned
* Ned & Mikhail
* Mikhail & Alec
* Alec & his father

Project Ideas:

* Several well-known passengers were on board the Titanic, and some are featured in Fateful. Explore one (or more) of these well-known figures and discuss their journey on the Titanic, and how they figure into the fictional story of Fateful.

* Imagine you’re a third-class passenger on the Titanic like Tess. What few precious belongings (and what few necessities) would you pack for the voyage? Create your own “luggage” to bring on board the Titanic.

* Claudia Gray admits she took some liberties with the facts about Titanic when writing Fateful. Find some of these discrepancies in the text and compare them to the historical truth. How did Gray change them to fit the context of the book’s storyline?

* Create a timeline of events for the Titanic, and insert important moments from Fateful. Compare how the different events line-up and overlap.

For the comments: Do you have other ideas? Share them below!

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