Claudia Gray: Fateful Q&A Part 3

Want more from Fateful author Claudia Gray? Our interview continues now!

For fellow Titanic enthusiasts, do you have any recommended reading for those who want to learn more about what really happened?

Well, I already mentioned 1912 FACTS ABOUT TITANIC, which is terrific. It’s not a narrative, but it breaks down an incredible amount of detail on virtually every aspect of the voyage. And if you’re an enthusiast you probably already have this — but the definitive book on the voyage remains A NIGHT TO REMEMBER by Walter Lord. While some of his characterizations and theories have been corrected over time, Lord’s breakdown of the events leading to the iceberg strike, and the horrible hours that followed, is still the single best explanation. It’s also grippingly told; even knowing what happens, you’ll be biting your nails in suspense the whole time.

After writing the Evernight series, you’re clearly a master at writing the paranormal. (I loved that series, by the way). How did your work on the Evernight books help at all when writing the paranormal aspect of Fateful?

I’m so thrilled you enjoyed EVERNIGHT! Since I was writing a different creature/mythology in FATEFUL, it was mostly very different, to tell you the truth. The main things I carried over from the EVERNIGHT series had less to do with handling the paranormal aspect and more to do with the romance. Although Tess and Alec are very different people than Bianca and Lucas, in both cases I needed to show not only that these people felt a connection, but also why they felt it — why it’s more than mere infatuation for them both.

And tomorrow … Claudia answers the famous (infamous?) Novel Novice flash questions!

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