Nat’l Poetry Month Poetry Contest!

What would a National Poetry Month celebration be without a poetry contest? Today we are excited to announce our Novel Novice Poetry Contest… and, whether you’re a budding poet or not, we think you’re going to want to enter when you see the fabulous prizes available!

But first, the contest rules:

  • Your poem must be at least 10 lines long and no more than two single-spaced pages (no haiku or limericks). You can write about any subject matter in any form.
  • Paste your poem into an email and submit it to by 5pm on Tuesday, April 27. (If your poem uses an unusual formatting that would otherwise be lost in an email, you can email it as an attachment.)
  • Please include your name in the email and, if you like, what inspired you to write the poem.

The winners will be announced on the last day of National Poetry Month, April 30 and the winning poems will be published on Novel Novice!

Now for the prizes…

There will be three winners for this poetry contest:

  • First-place winner will receive an awesome prize package courtesy of Sourcebooks, the publishers of Poetry Speaks Who I Am. The prize includes a copy of Poetry Speaks Who I Am, Poetry Speaks to Children, The Tree That Time Built, Hip Hop Speaks to Children, My Hippo Loves the Hiccups, and the adult anthology Poetry Speaks.
  • Second- and third-place winners will each receive a copy of Poetry Speaks Who I Am.

Any questions, just email me. Otherwise, I SO look forward to reading your submissions.

And if you’re feeling a little blocked, check back daily. We’re providing a brand new creative writing prompt every day during the month of April in honor of National Poetry Month!

13 thoughts on “Nat’l Poetry Month Poetry Contest!

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  1. I’m going to participate! It’s a great month, April (though T.S.Eliot wouldn’t agree). This month we launched a new service with free poetry contests as well at No obligation to buy anything and no entry fee, the first contests are really free! Please take a look, after you’ve participated in these ones here 🙂


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