Nat’l Poetry Month: Lyric Writing Contest!

We wrap up our Music Weekend and continue to celebrate National Poetry Month with a lyric writing contest!

For those who might balk at poetry or feel not quite comfortable with that genre, your niche may be writing song lyrics. So we’ve designed a contest to give you the opportunity to nurture that creative bent.

Need a little inspiration? Take a look at one of our music-related creative writing prompts. Or familiarize yourself with some of the best “musical poets” out there.

Contest Rules

  • Write an original song lyric that contains at least two verses and one chorus.
  • Bonus points: Provide a brief description of what inspired your writing of the song, whether you were listening to music while you wrote, or whether you were in complete silence, etc.
  • Send your entries to in the body of the email only. No attachments.
  • Deadline: 5pm, Tuesday, April 28


Any questions, just email me or leave your comment below! And if you haven’t heard about our other contests going on during National Poetry Month, get the scoop on our poetry writing contest and book of the month contest.

Now go stick in those ear buds or crank up the radio and start writing!

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