Make your own pop culture reference to T.S. Eliot

All week for National Poetry Month, we’ve been discussing featured poet T.S. Eliot — and the many ways his famous poems have been referenced throughout popular culture — from the smash-hit musical Cats to obscure references to his poem The Hollow Men.

For today’s creative writing prompt, create your own pop culture reference to T.S. Eliot. Write a poem, short story or song lyric that is inspired by or references a poem or line of poetry from Eliot’s work.

Here are a few ideas:

* Write about a character from one of Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

* Write a song based off a line from The Hollow Men or The Wasteland

* Choose the first line of an Eliot poem, then write your own poem based on just that first line

* Write your own interpretation of The Hollow Men or Jellicle Cats

When you’ve created your masterpiece, consider submitting it to our Nat’l Poetry Month Poetry Contest for your chance to win some great poetry books!


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