Contest Winner: “Would you ever swear off dating?”

This week, we are bringing you the winning entries from our Lonely Hearts Club Writing Contest.

Today’s entry comes from Sam, who responded to the prompt, “Would you ever swear off dating for the rest of high school/college? How do you think it would play out?”

Here is Sam’s entry:

“Would you ever swear off dating?”

My answer to that is no. Why? Simply because I have already sworn off dating for the rest of my educational life.

If anyone asked me the reason to this a year ago, I would have said,  “Because my parents said so.” However a few months ago I sat down and contemplated the question over and over again: Why don’t I want to date anyone?. As of now, I’m still not sure about the answer, but I have an idea of why I have forsaken romance until the end of college.

My parents were raised in a misogynistic society. As a result, they vowed that I should never stop trying to achieve my dreams as a result of male domination. Initially when they implemented the no-dating rule, I thought it was a result of their culture and beliefs. Later, I was to discover that they didn’t want me to give up my dreams for a man. They were worried that society had more of an influence on me than they did.

So I’m not sure what’s keeping me off from dating: my obedience for my parents’ orders or the fear of a man taking control of my life. One thing is clear, however: I am not going to date until the end of college. When I tell people this, they smirk in my face and tell me I probably have a secret boyfriend or I will in a few weeks.  Every time this happens, my resolve to stay single strengthens. Most of the time I consider my stubbornness a significant flaw. In this case, however, I feel it’s a blessing. Every time I feel that I’m punishing myself by not dating, my stubbornness comes into play. I’ve been pushing myself like this for ten years and will continue to do so.  Elizabeth I was able to forsake romantic company for forty-four years. If she could turn her back on men for half of her life, why can’t I give up dating for a quarter of mine?

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