Nat’l Poetry Month Featured Book: Poetry Speaks

Poetry Speaks Who I Am was developed for the YA demographic. But let me tell you, as a poet, I think this is a rock star kind of collection for any reader of any age, and it’s an ideal book to feature during National Poetry Month.

The poems included in this book (which is a great size and has a fabulous layout) are a mix of both “old” and modern poetry selections – 108 of them to be exact. The subtitle is: Poems of Discovery, Inspiration, Independence, and Everything Else… And the idea was to create a collection of poems that speak to a young adult audience in particular, to use poetry to help tweens and teens who are dealing with a very unique set of hopes and fears.

But the theme isn’t only about how to manage a major crush on the guy or girl who sits in front of you in algebra. The editors of Poetry Speaks Who I Am know that teens are dealing with much more than just young lust. There are major issues covered in these pages – from love to death to parents to race and beyond.

This poetry, literally, speaks to who you are – whether you’re 14 or 41. I guarantee, even if you don’t like poetry, you’ll find at least one poem in this book that resonates with what you’re experiencing right now in life.

Also cool? The book comes with a CD of many of the included poets reading their own works – superstars in the poetry world like Arthur Sze, Rita Dove, Joy Harjo, Stephen Dunn, Billy Collins, and Naomi Shihab Nye. And that brings a whole new layer of understanding and depth to these decisive works.

As always, poetry is about the reader – what you get from the poem. There is no correct or wrong interpretation, there is no pressure to “get it right.” Read, listen, enjoy. Think about a poem and what it means… or don’t think about it beyond the words at all. The goal is just to find pleasure in the written word and a greater appreciation for the people who create it.

This book will be on sale April 6, but if you’d like to win your own copy of Poetry Speaks Who I Am (and five other books) then stay tuned for all the details later today!

Is there one poem in particular that “speaks” to you?

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