National Poetry Month Goes to Space!

We’ve been celebrating National Poetry Month all month long here at Novel Novice … but it seems the celebrations have gone intergalactic. NASA retweeted this haiku from JAXA Astronaut Naoka Yamazaki from space this morning:

We are children of the universe, so as the Earth of lapis lazuli and cherry blossoms.

Naoko is a mission specialist on the STS-131 crew on Space Shuttle Discovery, which is currently docked at the International Space Station.

And since I’m such a NASA/Space nut (seriously, I’m a HUGE nerd for this stuff!) — this is the perfect opportunity to offer up another creative writing prompt:

* Write a poem about the Earth, Space or the universe

* Take your inspiration from space exploration over the years

* Or, imagine what it would be like to visit space and see the stars, or to look down on the Earth from orbit

* Need more inspiration? Check out these amazing photos of space & space exploration from NASA.

When you’re finished, you can submit your poem to our National Poetry Month Contest for your chance to win some great prizes!


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