Creative Writing Prompt: Hitting the Right Notes

Creative Writing Prompt #10
Hitting the Right Notes

Write a poem while listening to music. (Perhaps one of the songs featured in today’s earlier post. Maybe a new album you bought or the latest soundtrack. For Twilight fans, you already know how inspired Stephenie Meyer was by specific bands and songs as she penned her beloved saga. Music and writing can obviously blend together quite nicely.)

Switch the type of music. Write again.

Turn off the music and write in silence, listening only to the natural noises around you, whether you’re in a coffee shop surrounded by voices, in the kitchen accompanied by the hum of the fridge, etc.

Can the lines you’ve written be combined into one poem? Or has the different music inspired different themes so that you’ve generated several different poems?

Once you’ve written your poem, take a second look and consider it – could the words you’ve written be the lyrics of a song? If you think so, check back tomorrow for details about our newest contest and how you can enter!

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