Creative Writing Prompt: Music Muse

Creative Writing Prompt #11
Music Muse

Sometimes I’ll run across a poetry collection that makes interesting use of a fictional character or takes liberties with “truths” about a real individual. Some poets have written several pieces, or even an entire book, about a mythological deity, a celebrity, or another poet (stay tuned for more on this in a few weeks when one of our featured poets channels Gertrude Stein).

Today’s prompt:

  • Choose a known figure to write about. To finish off our Music Weekend, consider channeling a singer, lyricist, composer, rapper, conductor, or just anyone who’s held a microphone or played an instrument. (Remember Jim Carroll‘s treatment of the famed grunge rocker’s premature demise in 8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain). Or if music doesn’t suit you at the moment, choose a public figure who can get you writing – a soap star, a movie star, a politician, a dancer, etc. – or go with a recognizable book or TV character.
  • Include the person’s name in the title of your poem – you can use their full name, or just their first or last name. The title need not be their name alone.

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One thought on “Creative Writing Prompt: Music Muse

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  1. For a good music muse, consider this!

    You may be inspired by my project, which was combining a Nobel Prize winning poet (Wislawa Szymborksa) with music. The result is the release from my band, Closer Ocean. Szymborska won the Nobel prize in 1996. Her poetry is transcendent, inspirational, simple and yet surprisingly complex. The music is cinematic, intellectual, indie rock.

    Thanks for listening!!!

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