Always Together at Christmas by Sara Sargent & illus. by Mark Chambers

Written with 2020 in mind, Always Together at Christmas by Sara Sargent & illustrated by Mark Chambers is the perfect book to gift, share, and read with your loved ones this holiday season.

This beautifully illustrated book tells a simple but important message: that we’re always together at Christmas, even if we’re far apart. That it doesn’t matter how you celebrate; that the real magic and love is always there. Celebrations may look different this year, but that doesn’t make them any less special.

Approaching the holiday season this year has been hard for pretty much everyone, I’d say. It’s been especially challenging for my husband & I, as this isn’t how we ever envisioned celebrating our twins’ first Christmas. But as this book says, we’re still together with our families, even if we’re physically apart.

Always Together at Christmas is a good reminder to celebrate the season, and cherish your loved ones, no matter the distance between you. And it’s an excellent way to talk to your young kids about why Christmas looks a little different this year — and maybe even a good reminder for some of the grown-ups in your life, who don’t want to let go of their traditions, even if it’s the smart, safe, responsible thing to do. (Because the best thing you can do for yourself, your families, and your community, is to STAY HOME this holiday season!)

And for only $7.99, the book is quite affordable. Buy one for all the kiddos in your family! Consider a family read-along via Skype, Facetime or Zoom. In fact, the last two pages of the book even include a list of ideas and ways to celebrate safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Always Together at Christmas is available now. Here is the official synopsis:

Help children discover the joy of Christmas 2020 with this timely picture book that affirms the special magic of the holidays even if we’re physically separated from our loved ones!

Christmas will always mean love.
Even if love looks a little different this year.

As families and communities come together–and stay apart–in creative ways this holiday season, bring comfort and joy to children with this story about a Christmas like no other.

Always Together at Christmas highlights different family traditions and the ways they’re changing in 2020: from Santa’s elves practicing social distancing to opening presents via Zoom on Christmas morning. And it even includes ideas for new quarantine-appropriate Christmas traditions!

The sweet and cozy illustrations add classic touches, making this book the perfect gift to share with family and friends from across the miles.


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