Dinosaur Christmas! by Penny Dale

Dinosaur Christmas by Penny Dale is one of the most ridiculous picture books I’ve ever read. But if you have a kid in your life who loves dinosaurs, they’ll gobble this book up and then ask you to read it again.

This outrageous book follows a team of rescue dinosaurs, coming to help Santa out of an icy situation on Christmas Eve. A parade of dinosaurs and their rescue vehicles arrive in whooshes and chugs to save the day.

Okay, look, this book is silly and there’s not much of a plot, and it’s not the heartwarming, message-driven holiday story I usually go for. But I didn’t exactly expect that from a book called Dinosaur Christmas. What I got was … well, dinosaurs and Christmas. This book made me laugh, and I look forward to the day when at least one of my kids is dino-obsessed and they can get all the delight and joy out of reading this book that clearly went into writing it (with the help of the author’s grandson).

Dinosaur Christmas is available now. Here is the official synopsis:

Our favorite dinosaurs are back, and this time they must save Santa Claus from a snowstorm! Join them as they plow the road, whizz down a mountain on snowmobiles, zoom through the icy water on a hovercraft, and much more! But where is Santa? And will they manage to dig out his sleigh in time for Christmas day?

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