4 New Board Books for Christmas

Want to add some Christmas cheer to storytime with your littlest readers? We’ve got four new holiday board books from our friends at Random House Children’s Publishing to share with you today!

Merry Christmas, Baby

This is my favorite of the bunch to read with my 7-month-old twins Dax and Lily right now. They love the sing-songy text, and I love the sweet illustrations. This is a really love book for any baby’s first Christmas season.

Baby’s first Christmas gift is right here!

Parents and loved ones looking for a Christmas gift for the baby in their lives will love with this super-cute holiday board book with concentric, glittery, holes that start on the festive tree ornament sturdy cover and go all the way through to the back of the book. Each page turn reveals an adorable scene of fuzzy, cheerful animal friends celebrating the holidays, a warm way to introduce your baby to your family’s traditions. It’s the perfect way to say “Welcome, Baby” and “Merry Christmas, Baby!”

Santa’s Toy Shop

Okay, this isn’t a new book, per se, but it is newly available in board book format, which I love being able to give my babies. I actually have the hardcover version myself, and love the sweet old-fashioned illustrations in this simple and silly Christmas tale.

Inspired by a 1932 Walt Disney Silly Symphony animated short, the Santa’s Toy Shop Little Golden Book was originally published in 1950. In this delightful story, Santa wants time to play with all the wonderful toys he and the elves have made, but he’s just too busy–until Mrs. Claus gives him an idea! Disney animator Al Dempster and the Walt Disney Studio artists created a holiday classic now reissued as a Little Golden Book.

Rocket’s Christmas Surprise by Tad Hills

Dax and Lily are already fans of Tad Hills’ Duck and Goose series, and I’ve been a fan of his Rocket books for several years now. So I loved having this holiday board book to introduce them to Rocket the dog and his friends. You can’t really go wrong with any of Tad Hills’ books for kids, and this one is a great seasonal addition to the reading list.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Rocket is excited! He has made a book for Santa called Rocket Waits Up for Santa, and he’s looking forward to giving it to him. Rocket’s friends, Bella and Owl, have gifts for Santa too. They put all of their presents under a pine tree and wait and wait under the stars.

Soon the friends get very sleepy. They decide that it’s okay to take a quick nap, so they all fall asleep. The next morning they see that their gifts are gone, but in their place is a notebook and pencils for Rocket, a wooly hat for Owl, and a red velvet bag for Bella. On the first page of Rocket’s notebook there is a note from Santa, telling Rocket how much he loves the book that Rocket made for him. Merry Christmas, Rocket!

The ABC’s of Christmas

This is a beautifully illustrated board book, with a Christmas twist on the alphabet. There’s no Santa Claus in these pages though, so take note that this version focuses on the Biblical story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

This year celebrate Christmas with the entire family as the traditional story of Jesus Christ’s birth is told from A to Z!

A is for Angel…
B is for Bethlehem…
C is for Christ…

Read along with your young child as we travel on a donkey from Nazareth to Bethlehem–with Mary and Joseph and the Three Wise Men–to witness the Christmas Miracle…all while learning the ABCs!

All of these books are available now.

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