A Bookstore Proposal

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If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been such a slacker on my blogging duties lately (no Saturday Posts, late announcing contest winners, less time on Twitter, etc.) … well, there’s a good reason. Two reasons, actually. One, I got a new job which I love SO much more than my old daily grind producing morning television. It’s a much more challenging & interesting gig, plus it’s a family business, so I get to work with my dad — but it means I’m working longer hours & have less time to play on Twitter, etc.

But the other, much more sparkly reason is that I just got engaged! And oh boy, are wedding blogs & Pinterest suddenly very twinkly …

I’ve already shared these photos & this story on my personal Tumblr, but since my now-fiance proposed in such a bookishly fantastic manner, I wanted to share the story here, as well.

Earlier this month, Derek asked to swing by our local B&N after a movie to check out a book. (The same B&N that was the site of our second date, mind you! The date I always say was “when I knew.”) Well, you don’t have to ask ME twice to go to a bookstore — plus Kat Rosenfield’s Amelia Anne is Dead & Gone had just come out and I wanted to pick up a copy.

We arrived at the store & I marched straight back to the YA section to grab my book. Then I hear Derek call me from the other side of the shelves. “Hey, what about this book?”

I come around the corner, and on the top shelf is a book box with the words, “Will you marry this lucky guy, Sara?” on it. I literally dropped the book I was holding (sorry, Kat) & started shaking and crying.

Derek took the box, opened it, revealing a ring pillow inside with an engagement ring tied to it.

He removed the ring, got on one knee & asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes.

His friend, who’d helped stage everything, was standing by to take these photos.

It was the perfect proposal. I am so lucky.

Here is a close-up photo of the box back at home on my bookshelves, with the stunning & absolutely perfect ring:

Later, Derek was making goofy jokes, asking, “Where’s MY ring?” Well, I actually reached out to the lovely Viviane Hebel of Hebel Designs (she’s created wonderful pieces of jewelry for Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, Holly Black’s Curse Workers, and more.)

I told Viviane exactly what I wanted — and she created this gorgeous & quirky sterling silver ring that says “TAKEN” on the outside and our upcoming wedding date stamped on the inside. I gave the ring to Derek last night & he laughed so hard when he saw what it said!

He’s wearing it now:

Many many HUGE thanks to (a) Derek’s friend Brian for staging everything & taking photos of the proposal and (b) Viviane for crafting such a brilliant ring for my fiance.

And of course … Derek. I love you!!!!

(On a side note, anyone interested in dorking out over wedding planning with me over the next 18 months should feel free to check out my Pinterest page.)

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17 responses to “A Bookstore Proposal

  1. artistephie

    The hopeless romantic in me just squealed with joy. Congratulations, Sara! I wish you both every happiness!

  2. Oh, Sara! This story just gets sweeter and sweeter. What a wonderful choice you made having Vivian craft his special ring. You know we’ll all be geeking out with you on pinterest. Can’t wait to catch you and a glimpse of your ring at book signing.
    Best of luck to you both! Congrats again!

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