A Bookstore Proposal

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been such a slacker on my blogging duties lately (no Saturday Posts, late announcing contest winners, less time on Twitter, etc.) … well, there’s a good reason. Two reasons, actually. One, I got a new job which I love SO much more than my old daily grind producing morning television. It’s a much more challenging & interesting gig, plus it’s a family business, so I get to work with my dad — but it means I’m working longer hours & have less time to play on Twitter, etc.

But the other, much more sparkly reason is that I just got engaged! And oh boy, are wedding blogs & Pinterest suddenly very twinkly …

I’ve already shared these photos & this story on my personal Tumblr, but since my now-fiance proposed in such a bookishly fantastic manner, I wanted to share the story here, as well.

Earlier this month, Derek asked to swing by our local B&N after a movie to check out a book. (The same B&N that was the site of our second date, mind you! The date I always say was “when I knew.”) Well, you don’t have to ask ME twice to go to a bookstore — plus Kat Rosenfield’s Amelia Anne is Dead & Gone had just come out and I wanted to pick up a copy.

We arrived at the store & I marched straight back to the YA section to grab my book. Then I hear Derek call me from the other side of the shelves. “Hey, what about this book?”

I come around the corner, and on the top shelf is a book box with the words, “Will you marry this lucky guy, Sara?” on it. I literally dropped the book I was holding (sorry, Kat) & started shaking and crying.

Derek took the box, opened it, revealing a ring pillow inside with an engagement ring tied to it.

He removed the ring, got on one knee & asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes.

His friend, who’d helped stage everything, was standing by to take these photos.

It was the perfect proposal. I am so lucky.

Here is a close-up photo of the box back at home on my bookshelves, with the stunning & absolutely perfect ring:

Later, Derek was making goofy jokes, asking, “Where’s MY ring?” Well, I actually reached out to the lovely Viviane Hebel of Hebel Designs (she’s created wonderful pieces of jewelry for Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, Holly Black’s Curse Workers, and more.)

I told Viviane exactly what I wanted — and she created this gorgeous & quirky sterling silver ring that says “TAKEN” on the outside and our upcoming wedding date stamped on the inside. I gave the ring to Derek last night & he laughed so hard when he saw what it said!

He’s wearing it now:

Many many HUGE thanks to (a) Derek’s friend Brian for staging everything & taking photos of the proposal and (b) Viviane for crafting such a brilliant ring for my fiance.

And of course … Derek. I love you!!!!

(On a side note, anyone interested in dorking out over wedding planning with me over the next 18 months should feel free to check out my Pinterest page.)

17 thoughts on “A Bookstore Proposal

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  1. The hopeless romantic in me just squealed with joy. Congratulations, Sara! I wish you both every happiness!

  2. Oh, Sara! This story just gets sweeter and sweeter. What a wonderful choice you made having Vivian craft his special ring. You know we’ll all be geeking out with you on pinterest. Can’t wait to catch you and a glimpse of your ring at book signing.
    Best of luck to you both! Congrats again!

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