Behind the Scenes at Novel Novice & Changes Coming Your Way

Hello dear blog readers! I don’t know if it’s been completely apparent from the outside or not, but behind the scenes here at Novel Novice lately things have been … chaotic, to say the least. And I wanted to take a moment to explain the many reasons why & to let you in on a few very small changes coming soon.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately when it comes to blog responsibilities, you see. And I’m making these changes in an effort to get myself back on track and feeling good about things. On a very small scale, I’ve been going it mostly alone lately since my cohort of the past is busy promoting her own book now (as she should be! Please check out Stephanie Lawton’s Want — you won’t regret it!!) and I’ve been unable to find anyone else to fill her shoes. And I sort of like the autonomy of just plodding along and doing things at will, so I’m not exactly motivated to find anyone new. Plus, the oh-so-fabulous Amanda has been busy beefing up our Middle Grade Monday features — which I adore!

And then, you see, my own personal time to blog has been eaten up by changing factors. My boyfriend moved in a few months ago — and now we’re engaged, so I am completely and overwhelmingly distracted by shiny wedding planning things. Yes, I have 18 months to plan this extravaganza — but it is SHINY! And NEW! And MY WEDDING! So it’s sort of all I can think about right now. I mean, I’m obsessing over floral arrangements on Pinterest and wondering if I’ll be able to find the perfect pair of yellow shoes to wear with my dress.

I also got a new job. I’d been working for many years producing morning television, which sounds exciting and all, but had turned into a zombie-making, soul-sucking hell that I couldn’t wait to escape. The only plus side of that horrid job was that it afforded me plenty of time to work on bloggy posts. My new job is oh-so-much better — I’m working with my dad now, and we’ve turned his small business into a family business and I couldn’t be happier. But the new job takes up more time because it actually requires effort and thought — all good things when you want to be satisfied by your career. The side effect, however, is less time for blogging.

And finally, as many of you know, I’m a volunteer for Wordstock Festival — an annual book festival held in Portland, Oregon each year. I’m in charge of booking all of the children’s, middle grade, and YA authors. This year for the first time, we added a YA-only stage. It’s great! Buuuut it means I have more authors than ever before and frankly, I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the work that needs doing for the festival — especially right now, as we’re in crunch time to finalize our authors, panels, and schedule before August 1st.

So as you can see — I’ve been completely & overwhelmingly swamped by busy things & exciting changes.

So with that in mind, I would like to announce two very slight changes coming your way …

1) There will be no August Book of the Month this year.

I simply need the time off to regroup and focus on getting everything in my life (both online & off) back in order.

I’m hoping to supplement this absence with a few more book reviews (which I’ve been behind in posting), and some additional feature posts on books I think you should be checking out. Maybe I’ll even finally get around to writing a BEA recap.

And in all that catch-up, I absolutely MUST finally announce any and all remaining pending contest winners, especially for many of our writing contests. I feel awful that it’s taken so long to get around to reading all these entries. I hope you’ll forgive me & continue entering future contests.

2) Simpler Book of the Month Posts

In the past, our Book of the Month pattern has been to post one new blog post per weekday on our monthly featured book. But in reality, this is a LOT of content to produce — and for some books, it can be really hard coming up with enough worthy content to fill those days.

So in lieu of continuing this grueling and sometimes unrealistic goal, I am modifying my approach to Book of the Month.

The plan now is to feature as many weekday posts as is deemed fitting for said book. If that means only three posts per week instead of five, so be it. But I’m allowing myself a bit more flexibility to make the Book of the Month posts more realistic to produce and more enticing to readers.

More changes coming?

I may continue to make small adjustments and changes to Novel Novice down the road — such as incorporating more regular features like Middle Grade Mondays, and maybe getting back to posting The Saturday Post more often. But in the meantime, I’m going to use the next few weeks to regroup and start fresh.

As always, I welcome your feedback. Please share your (constructive) comments & ideas in the comments below!


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  1. I can understand how you might feel overwhelmed. I am right there with you. I am glad to hear that you will be announcing the winners of writing contests. i always love your writing contests. I will be looking forwardto whatever you post. Thanks a million.

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