Semi-Blogging Hiatus Due to Bridal Status

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Regular readers here at Novel Novice may have noticed I’ve been a bit harried this year — both in terms of blog posts, and social media. While I did drastically change careers about 19 months ago (and I’ve taken on some other writing projects on the side, too), a large reason I’ve been so scattered and distracted this year is because I’m planning my wedding! (Pause for squeeing and hopping up and down.)

Me & my lovely fiance! (Credit: May Gunsul Photography)
Me & my lovely fiance! (Credit: May Gunsul Photography)

The big day is now less than three months away, and that means bridal mode is in full throttle. With that in mind, I’ve made the choice to put Novel Novice into semi-hiatus status.

What the heck does that mean?

Well, I’m not going anywhere, rest assured. In fact, I actually have quite a lot of content planned for the next few months to keep you all entertained!

But it does mean posts are going to be a bit more sporadic, and regular features like Book of the Month are going to be put on hold. In fact, usually we’d start November 1st with our final Book of the Month feature of the year. This year, given my January 25th wedding date, I’ve chosen to skip Book of the Month features for November through February. (We have traditionally skipped December & January to celebrate the holidays.)

I’m also going to continue being a bit more absent from social media than I have been in the past … unless, of course, I’m publicly delighting over (or freaking out about) something wedding-related.

The lovely Amanda, who is in charge of all the Middle Grade content here at Novel Novice, will also be helping out while I’m MIA – checking social media, moderating comments, etc.

So anyway … that’s the scoop. That’s why I’m quite scatter-brained this year. And that’s why I’m choosing to take a semi-hiatus for the next few months to prepare for (and then recover from) the wedding!

(In case you missed it: see Derek’s amazing and adorable BOOK STORE proposal!)

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