The Best of The Naughty List by Suzanne Young

Today marks the end of our July Book of the Month feature on The Naughty List series by Suzanne Young. So we’re taking a moment to look back at all the highlights:

The Naughty List Contest:

We want you to get creative!

This contest is open until midnight (PT) tomorrow — so you’ve still got time to enter.

The prize? Signed copies of The Naughty List and So Many Boys, with some signed Naughty List goodies for 2nd and 3rd place.

The contest? Write a short-story (500 to 1,000 words) based on the following writing prompt:

After the big game, you head out to the parking lot and see your BFF’s significant other in the back seat of a car with someone other than your friend. Tell us what you do next?

The rules for submission?

  1. it must be fictional
  2. written in the first person
  3. it must include the following words: naughty, smitten and ninja

So hurry & get your entries in now!

Exclusive interview with Suzanne Young:

Secret Video Project

We teased you about this occasionally on Twitter … see, I live really close to Suzanne Young. So she & I conspired and came up with a very goofy, very fun video project that we executed on June 10th — the release day for So Many Boys. This silly video is the result of our efforts:

Desktop Wallpapers

We love desktop wallpapers. We can’t get enough of them. So we created a collection of wallpapers for all of The Naughty List books — including the newly released So Many Boys and the yet-to-be-released A Good Boy is Hard to Find.

Exclusive Sneak Peek at A Good Boy is Hard to Find

Yep. It’s not in stores yet. But Suzanne gave us an exclusive look at the upcoming third installment of The Naughty List series. You won’t find this look at A Good Boy is Hard to Find anywhere else, so be sure to check it out! We also previewed Suzanne’s two new, more serious books coming out in 2011.

For the comments: What has been your favorite part of The Naughty List features this month?

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