Suzanne Young: The Naughty List Q&A Part 1

We’re excited today to present part 1 of our exclusive interview with The Naughty List author, Suzanne Young! We have so much fun with Suzanne, and I think her sparkling personality shines through in her responses:

How did the idea for SOS & The Naughty List come about?

I had been joking around with a friend and told her I was going to write a book about cheerleading ninjas with sparkly death stars. After messing around with the idea for a while, it actually started to take shape. But it wasn’t until I knew Tessa, and her odd ways, that it became a full story.

The rivalry between the Wildcats & the Ducks is pretty intense in The Naughty List … and people in the Pacific Northwest know that both mascots are also tied to some of the region’s biggest universities. These aren’t any subtle jabs at any particular schools are they? (In particular, the quote on pg. 239 when it says “Ducks were so lame.” Be honest: are you a Beavers fan?)*

HAH! I used to be a Ducks fan, but not anymore. I’m going to go with my roots and say I cheer for the Arizona Wildcats. Sorry, Oregon.

Throughout The Naughty List, Tessa notes that there are so many cheating boys at Washington High School . Will we eventually learn the reason for the high ratio of cheaters?

No. But the cheating does tone down in the next books, and it’s not just the boys anymore.

Where do cheerleaders learn such mad spying skills?

James Bond films.

Okay, really, how did you get so cynical about high school boys? Are they really all that horrible?

In high school??? The ones I knew were. Haha I’m mostly kidding. I think there must just be something in the water at Washington High. But in the first Naughty List … they weren’t ALL bad, right?

Fantasy casting time! If/when The Naughty List gets made into a movie, who would be in your dream cast?

Minka Kelly is Tessa all the way. I actually pictured her when I was writing. For Aiden I had one particular blond, gorgeous singer who would be perfect, but I can’t remember his name. And for Joel in SO MANY BOYS—think Milo Ventimiglia.

* Suzanne & yours  truly both live in Oregon, hence this regional-specific question. I just couldn’t resist asking it. 🙂

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  1. Both books – The Naughty List, and So Many Boys – are on our ‘fantasy casting’ website, Storycasting (dot) com. So is Minka and Milo, and if you find the singer’s name, we’ll put him in too. We’re that tribe of folks who raise their hands at signings and ask “who do you see in the movie?” Suzanne needs to come and ‘cast’, and then send her fans. We don’t know who Hollywood will pick, but fan choices MIGHT help, and it’s still fun to do no matter what!

    Jeff Reid
    Creator – Storycasting
    “for the movie in your mind”

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