Exclusive Sneak Peek: A Good Boy is Hard to Find

Can’t get enough of our July Book of the Month, the Naughty List series by Suzanne Young? Lucky for you, Suzanne was kind enough to share this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at book #3 in the series, A Good Boy is Hard to Find. You’ll only find this sneak peek right here at Novel Novice:

“Pyramid,” Kira added.

I shook my head. Moving might be too risky, but how were we going to confirm the cheat without a photo? I shifted on my sneakers, trying to decide the best course of action.

Leona nodded, telling me that she agreed with Kira’s idea. My stomach turned. I had a bad feeling about this. When we spied in close proximity situations, the general rule was to stay put. Not engage in gymnastic endeavors.

Izzie and Leona got down on all fours as Kira stood in front of them making the base. It was just high enough that if I stood on her shoulders, I’d be able to see over the metal locker. There was a slurping noise from over there. Ew!

I put one black-sneakered heel on Leona’s back and then grabbed onto Kira as I hoisted myself up. We were silent—like cheerleading ninjas trained in the sacred art of pyramid building. Slowly and deliberately, I put my feet on Kira’s shoulders, and then I was in the air, completely stable.

I reached my hand out and felt someone slip a camera into my palm. Without looking down—because that could surely make me fall—I lifted it up to eye level. Then I looked through the lens. It took me a minute to find them, but there, across the room near the shower door, was Blaze and his accomplice. Her back was to me, and I had to admit already, she was definitely not as shapely as Trishelle. In fact, from behind, she looked like a linebacker.

Her blond hair was stiff, almost wiglike, and she was wearing an awful minidress that looked like she’d picked up at Walmart. Not that Walmart was unusable, but for minidresses? I’d say so.

I zoomed in as Blaze’s hands massaged at her back and they were in some intricate hug/kiss. Gross. If Blaze kissed like that, I’d think Trishelle would be glad to get rid of him.

Quickly, I started clicking off shots, waiting for the accomplice to turn around. I needed her face. Not technically. This was enough to prove the cheat, but a shot of her face would be nice for future reference. We could keep her on our possible cheater radar. Sort of like I had done with Chloe.

At the thought of her name, my jaw clenched and I held the camera a little tighter. My breathing changed, coming out in short gasps, but I needed to stop.

“Shhh . . .” I heard and glanced down. Kira was giving me a stern look, and I realized I might have been growling out loud. I swayed on my feet. Whac-a-Mole! Why did I look down?

I thrust my hands out to my sides as if I were walking a tightrope and straightened my posture as Kira held my ankles. It took a second, but finally we got our equilibrium back. Whoa. Total save.

When I adjusted the camera, I froze. Blaze and the girl were no longer kissing. Her back was still to me, but now they were staring at each other. I wondered if I’d just missed something big.

I zoomed in closer, hoping to catch the side of her face. Just then, she shifted in her heels, and I readied my trigger finger.

“Turn,” I murmured. And just then, the figure swung around. I clicked the camera furiously and—

Holy Spumoni! She had a beard!

My entire body flinched, and I felt the camera slip from my hands as I tried to regain my balance. But it was too late. Before I could grab onto the lockers or anything else, I felt myself falling from the sky, heading face first toward the tile floor of the locker room.

Look for A Good Boy is Hard to Find soon – and be sure to get The Naughty List and So Many Boys, if you haven’t already.

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