Suzanne Young: The Naughty List Q&A Part 2

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Today, we present part 2 of our exclusive interview with The Naughty List author Suzanne Young. (Be sure to check out part 1, too!)

If you met someone in a bookstore, and they were thinking about buying your book, what would you say to convince them?

Do you like Bring it On or She’s All That? No? Oh, ummm…. How about Twilight? Do you like that one? Cool. Yes, this is JUST LIKE THAT.

At Novel Novice, one of our main goals is encouraging teens to read. What would you say to reluctant teen readers to convince them to pick up a book (any book)? Why do you think reading is so important?

I know what works for me (and I’m a reluctant reader). Books that are fast-paced and romantic. I think reading, reading anything, gives you a broader base of knowledge. You can learn about the world from different points of view. Learn from other’s experiences—even if they’re not real people.

Tell us about an educational experience you had that changed your life.

The first time I was cast in a high school play. Honestly, it made my high school experience so much more fun and well-rounded.

What question do you always wish someone would ask you during an interview?

Suzanne, can I take you out to dinner?

Now answer that question.

Yes, Novel Novice! That would be awesome. It’s so sweet of you to ask.

Hey, Suzanne … I’m pretty sure that can be arranged. Especially if we get into video-making goofiness again. Let the giggling ensue!

Sara | Novel Novice

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