Bear Meets Bear by Jacob Grant

That feeling of being so awestruck by a potential friend (or paramour), that you can’t say anything and your brain just zaps? That. That feeling is captured perfectly in Bear Meets Bear by Jacob Grant.

In the book, Bear is struck silent when his teapot is delivered by Panda. He is enchanted, but can’t work up the nerve to say anything. Desperate for another chance, he orders a second teapot … only to remain quiet when Panda delivers it. And so he tries again, and again, and again.

Luckily for Bear, his friend Spider is there to help out — and put a stop to more teapot ordering!

I adore the other books in this series, and Bear Meets Bear is equally as charming. Grant’s illustrations really shine as a key part of the storytelling — and that’s honestly the best part of a good picture book, is when the story is told equally through images as in words. Bear’s expressions convey so much his adoration, embarrassment and frustration.

Bear Meets Bear is available now. Here is the official synopsis:

Love is in the air in the latest story featuring the charming friendship of Bear and Spider — and a special someone. Perfect for fans of Peter Brown and Greg Pizzoli!

Bear is excited for his new teapot to arrive. When the doorbell rings, Bear finds something unexpected — a new delivery person, Panda, who happens to be very charming.

Bear does the only thing he can think of — he orders another teapot so he can see Panda again. But he’s too flustered to talk to her . . . so he orders another teapot. And another.

Spider encourages Bear to invite Panda to tea, but one day, a new delivery person arrives at the door. Seeing how devastated his friend is, Spider sets out on a journey to find Panda and help his friend find the courage to be himself.

The fantastic duo from Bear’s Scare and Bear Out There is back in another sweet friendship story that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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