Peppa Pig & the Christmas Play

My four-year-old niece Jocie is DEEP into her Peppa Pig fandom these days (and sometimes even speaks in a British accent, because she watches so much “Peppa”). So when I had the chance to review the new picture book Peppa Pig & the Christmas Play, of course I said yes!

The book follows Peppa and her classmates as they prepare to put on a Christmas play. Everyone chooses a role for the play (Peppa is the Christmas Fairy, of course) and they practice for the big night. But most exciting of all, Santa told Peppa he’d come see their play!

Of course, when the curtain rises, Santa isn’t there, and Peppa learns that the “show must go on” … but Santa wouldn’t really let them down like that, would he?

The book is simple, charming and sweet, and will enrapture any young Peppa fan. (It certainly delighted my niece!) As a nice bonus, the inside of the dust jacket is a coloring poster featuring Peppa and all her friends in their costumes from the play. I wouldn’t let my niece keep the book until I’d finished writing this review, but I know she’s already eager to attack that coloring poster with her crayons.

Peppa Pig & the Christmas Play is the perfect holiday addition to any Peppa fan’s book collection. Look for it in stores now.

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