The Snow Lion by Jim Helmore & Richard Jones

The Snow Lion by Jim Helmore & Richard Jones is just the kind of cozy, comforting picture book I love. It’s a sweet little story about making friends and overcoming shyness, and it’s told beautifully.

With simple prose and gorgeous stylized illustrations, The Snow Lion follows Caro as she learns to try new things and meet new people, and that even though it can be hard and even a little scary to make new friends, having those friendships is worth the risk.

Look for The Snow Lion in stores October 1st. Here is the official synopsis:

A beautiful, reassuring story with a gentle touch of magic

After moving to a new home, Caro wishes she had a friend, but she’s too shy to meet the neighborhood kids. With a little imagination, however, Caro finds the Snow Lion. Together, they have all kinds of fun racing, climbing, and playing hide-and-seek. But when the boy next door asks Caro to come play, Caro isn’t so sure. Then, the Snow Lion has an idea! Making new friends isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it in the end.

This powerful but gentle story about making new friends is gorgeously illustrated to celebrate the magic and imagination that fills every page and will appeal to any shy or lonely young reader.


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