Am I Yours? by Alex Latimer

Am I Yours? by Alex Latimer had me at the dinosaurs, but won me over again with the charming story found within these pages.

The story follows an egg blown from its nest, as it tries to find its parents. Along the way, other dinosaurs help the egg narrow down it’s options and find its way back to the right nest.

The illustrations are so sweet, and the story — told in rhyming verse — makes for a sweet storytime read aloud.

Also! Here’s something I’ve learned from reading with my 3-year-old niece … dinosaurs can be HARD. They’re tricky for adults to read, and the long, cumbersome names can make it difficult for kids to latch onto the story. That’s not a problem in this book, as Latimer sticks to the more common, well-known and easy to pronounce dinosaurs — so there will be no tongue-twisting over tricky dino names.

Am I Yours? is a charming and warm story. Look for this beautiful book in stores now. Here is the official synopsis:

A heartwarming story of community, family, and finding your way home

A group of friendly dinosaurs helps a lost egg search for its parents after it’s been blown out of its nest. But if the little egg is to be reunited with its family, first they must discover what kind of dinosaur lies inside. What does that egg look like inside its shell? Surely, there must be a way to tell!

This fun and unique tale featuring Alex Latimer’s signature bold art style will keep dinosaur lovers and fans of Are You My Mother? enthusiastically following along and guessing who is inside the shell.

in stores now.

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