Penguins Love Their ABC’s by Sarah Aspinall

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The perfect book for practicing your ABCs and learning new words, Penguins Love Their ABC’s by Sarah Aspinall will engage young readers at story time and get them thinking about new words to match with every letter of the alphabet.

Six penguins set off on an Alphabet Hunt, Mama has hidden all the alphabet letters in the snow. Each letter is marked by a clue (an “apple” leads to “a”). Will you help the penguins find all the hidden letters? Of course you will!

At the end of the Alphabet Hunt, it’s time to gobble up a big bowl of Mama’s alphabet soup, where words are hidden, too. All the penguins love their ABC’s — but not as much as they love Mama Penguin.

In the same vein as the first book in this series, Penguins Love Color, Aspinall combines bright, colorful illustrations with easy to follow text and reader-focused narrative. When the penguins are tasked with guessing the letter under each clue, the book asks, “Can you?

More questions emerge as the penguins discover new letters, inviting the reader (or the little listener) into the story. It’s a clever way to keep kids paying attention to both the illustrations and the narrative, and help encourage age-appropriate learning.

A colorful, engaging alphabet book perfect for read-aloud, Penguins Love Their ABC’s will be in stores August 29th.

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