Kami Garcia: The Lovely Reckless Q&A


The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia is a fun, fast-paced contemporary star-crossed romance — aptly described as Fast and the Furious meets Romeo & Juliet — that hit stores this week, and we are SO excited to celebrate all week long. We have some great posts in store for you this week — and we’re kicking things off with a great flash question interview with one of our favorite ladies, Kami Garcia.

lovely recklessKami and her Beautiful Creatures co-author Margaret Stohl were the first two authors we ever worked with here at Novel Novice — and it’s been wildly fun to follow their careers as authors, and continue to support them with each new book they release (either together, or individually, as is the case with The Lovely Reckless). And it’s humbling and flattering how kind both these ladies have been and continue to be, remembering their friends here at Novel Novice and showing us lots of love in return.

So this week is sort of a celebration of that mutual love-fest, as well as marking the release of The Lovely Reckless — which is a very lovely read, and I’ll have my full review later this week. For now, here is our flash Q&A with Kami:

Favorite Disney movie?

Escape to Witch Mountain. I wanted to be telekinetic.

Favorite Halloween candy?

Snickers or whatever I can steal from my kids’ trick-or-treat bags

kami garciaSong you can’t get out of your head right now?

I make a playlist every time I start writing a new book. So right now it’s  “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks.

Scented candle: what’s it smell like?

Cake or chocolate chip cookies

What do you splurge on?

Art, books, and vintage signs for my house

Favorite emoji?

Devil Horns  — the heavy metal sign

Book you’d like to read “for the first time” again?

The Outsiders

Thanks, Kami! And be sure to tune in every day this week for a new post featuring The Lovely Reckless — including your chance to win a copy!!!


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