Top 6 Reasons The Lovely Reckless is the Perfect Fall Read


It’s here, it’s here, it’s heeeeere!!! The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia is now in stores everywhere — and you should run, not walk (okay, maybe walk, be safe) — but hustle nonetheless to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of this gorgeous book. I love this book so much — my full review will be posted tomorrow — but for this release day, I wanted to list all the reasons The Lovely Reckless is the perfect fall read.


6. Hot cars. Hotter guys.

The Lovely Reckless has been aptly described as “The Fast & the Furious meets Romeo & Juliet.”

5. Intense Star-Crossed Romance

I mean… *swoon*

4. But Ultimately the Girl Saves Herself

Frankie is no damsel, and she proves it when she uses her own wits to save herself.

3. More Than Just a Romance

As much as the love story will make you swoon, The Lovely Reckless is about so much more than just romance. It talks about race and class and poverty, and some really important issues worth discussing in today’s world.

2. Gorgeous Writing

Kami’s writing is always lovely, and it’s so true with The Lovely Reckless. This book is easy to get sucked into.

1. Books + Coffee + Fall Weather = It Doesn’t Get Any Better

There really is nothing better than a good book and a hot drink, with blustery fall weather outside. It defines “curl up with a good book,” no? And The Lovely Reckless is the perfect book to warm your soul on a chilly fall day.

Tune in every day this week for more great features on The Lovely Reckless, including your chance to win a copy!



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