The Best of A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton

Today marks the end of our February Book of the Month feature on Darkness Becomes Her and the newly-released sequel A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton. 

So as we bid farewell to this month’s featured book, here’s a look back at highlights:

Greek Mythology-inspired Writing Contest

Create a short story based on your favorite story from Greek mythology! You’ve got until midnight tonight to enter this contest. Winners will get a set of Kelly’s books, Darkness Becomes Her and A Beautiful Evil, courtesy of Simon & Schuster.

Virtual Visit to New Orleans

Kelly’s books take place in “New 2” which is an alternate version of New Orleans. So during this past month, we explored the city and some of its landmarks featured in Darkness Becomes Her and A Beautiful Evil:

Greek Mythology 101

We also explored some elements of Greek mythology that are featured in Kelly’s books, as well as offered some essay & writing project ideas based on both books:

More from Kelly Keaton

During her exclusive guest blog for Novel Novice, Kelly shared some of the actual revision notes she received from her editor for A Beautiful Evil. We also chatted with Kelly in a three-part interview:

Plus, check out our review of A Beautiful Evil and our wallpapers for both books!

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