Kelly Keaton: “Notes on a Revision”

Today, we are thrilled to be hosting an exclusive guest blog from A Beautiful Evil author Kelly Keaton! Thanks for stopping by, Kelly!

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Thanks to Novel Novice for having me here today and for making Ari’s books the February Feature!

I’ve gotten to work with some amazing editors, copy editors, and proofreaders—really down to earth people who have a passion for making great books. I think I might be among the minority, but I love getting revisions. I love taking a story and reshaping it into something better. Even when I get notes suggesting something is wrong, or I should consider getting rid of a character, or an entire scene, or my writing was clumsy, I don’t take it personally. Sometimes it’s hard and a lot of work (for instance, I wrote three different endings for A BEAUTIFUL EVIL before hitting on the right one and I got rid of two earlier chapters that I loved). But in the end, the point is to make a book better, so I hunker down and give it my best shot—and hope my readers will like the outcome.

So with revisions in mind, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a small peek into some of the editorial comments (all in different stages of the editing process and made by several folks — editors, copy editor, and proofreader) I received on A BEAUTIFUL EVIL.

A lot of the more common comments that authors see in the editing stage are usually things like ‘simply’, ‘rework’, ‘clarify’, ‘repetitive’, and so on, but for this post I chose some of the finer gems for your viewing pleasure:

~ Creepy. Love it.

~ Why is she freaking out here?

~ Small moments can make a big difference!

~ Ari has very dark road ahead of her. It would be great to see a lot more of that come through here.

~ I worry this is a bit anti-climactic

~ Oh no!

~ But he had been sucking… (Will, let you all wonder the context of that one! Ha!)

~ Ewwwww!

~ She’s dirty.

~ So badass and heartless!

And my favorite:

~ What is a fuzzy mirror?

Yep, I described a mirror as being fuzzy. 🙂 I also, one time, wrote the words, ‘hot porker’ instead of ‘hot poker’. My editor had a good laugh over that one! Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this little post. Thanks for reading!

~ Kelly

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  1. LOL This is cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an example of editor’s notes. Also, is it wrong that I didn’t see anything wrong with the description of a “fuzzy mirror”? BAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

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