Kelly Keaton: A Beautiful Evil Q&A Part 2

Today we continue our exclusive Q&A with A Beautiful Evil author Kelly Keaton. Here’s part 2:

New Orleans is easily one of the coolest cities in America. Why did you set your series there?

I know, right? There is something so magical and lush and evocative about the place. I’d been wanting to set a story in NOLA for many years, but never felt I had the right story, the one where I could really sink my teeth into the setting and pull out all that darkness and beauty and sensuality. When Ari came along, the vision of NOLA came right after, and I knew it was right.

Is Alice Cromley based on voodoo queen Marie Laveau?

Not based on her, but certainly there is a little Marie Naveau in Alice Cromley. 😉

As Indiana Jones always says, “Snakes. Why does it have to be snakes?”

LOLOLOL. I know! I don’t know what I was thinking. I have a huge phobia when to comes to snakes. I cry and/or hyperventilate if I come across one in the wild. It’s really bad. I was bitten by a water snake while swimming in a pond when I was little. My dad didn’t know if it was poisonous or not, so he cut from fang puncture to fang puncture and sucked out any venom that might’ve been delivered. Thankfully, though, I didn’t experience any bad effects. But, yeah, crazy that I wrote about snakes. When Ari thinks about what lies in store for her if she doesn’t lift the curse, I put my own fears to good use, and tap into all that fear. It creeps me out though, writing those snake scenes. *shudder*

I love that Ari has a bit of a “Buffy” quality to her. That is to say, she kicks ass. What is about heroines like these that are so much fun to read about? (And write about?)

Thank you! I think we all want to have a little Buffy inside of us. To stand up to adversity whatever it maybe, to stare our fears in the face and kick the crap out of them. It’s appealing and even inspiring to read about someone who learns to be independent, to fight for what they believe in, and to believe in themselves enough to do so. I love writing those kinds of characters; it’s a great journey to take a character who didn’t before have confidence in herself or someone who has had a tough road in life who then discovers just how strong she really is.

It’s Mardi Gras season in the Deep South and the celebration plays a part in both books. Any favorite Mardi Gras memories (that you can talk about!)?

Ha! What happens during Mardi Gras stays in Mardi Gras!! Seriously, though, I have never been to NOLA during Mardi-Gras. I wouldn’t mind going though and *ahem to the powers that be* being crowned Mardi Gras Queen. All my trips have been in quieter times, and it never gets old either, strolling around the Quarter, taking in all the architecture, eating the food—omg, the food!

Thanks again, Kelly! Part 3 is up tomorrow!

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