Jackson Pearce: Sweetly Q&A Part 1

We are SO THRILLED that Sweetly by Jackson Pearce is now out in the wild for everyone to enjoy. We’re also equally thrilled to be hosting an exclusive Q&A with Jackson this week to talk about her new book and what she’s working on next. Today, we bring you part 1 of 3:

There are so many great sweets in SWEETLY. Which ones mentioned in the book are your favorite? Were there any treats you craved while writing the book?

I really, really love chocolate covered potato chips. They will kill you. But it will be a delicious, delicious death.

I love the shooting lessons. In the acknowledgements, you thank your dad & grandfather for teaching you to shoot. What was your first shooting lesson like? Did you have to do any additional research on shooting for SWEETLY?

My dad and grandfather actually taught me to shoot long before I started writing SWEETLY, but I wanted a refresher course when I realize that would be such a big part of the book. I’m not a bad shot, but I’m not awesome either– and I really did cry when the shotgun recoil popped me on the shoulder.

One of my favorite parts of reading SWEETLY was seeing the bits and pieces crossover from SISTERS RED. I’d read previously on your blog, that you were working on another companion to this series based on “The Little Mermaid” (FATHOMLESS). And I couldn’t help notice that there are some hints that could segue well into such a book. Are you still working on another companion to this series? What’s the status on that?

I’m currently writing FATHOMLESS– it’s been tough, but I really love the story. I’ve tried to incorporate the original fairytale as much as possible, while also paying homage to the more well known versions of The Little Mermaid. Though there are no talking crustaceans. I’m sorry.

What other fairy tales do you have plans to adapt for this series? Or, what other fairy tales would you *like* to modernize/adapt?

I’d love to adapt The Snow Queen, which is a lesser known but AWESOME Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. After FATHOMLESS is done, that’ll be the next fairytale series book I write!


Special thanks to Jackson for answering all our questions, and to Ames at Little Brown for helping organize this interview!


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