The Best of Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

Today marks the end of our Book of the Month feature on Sweetly by Jackson Peace — and frankly, we’ve loved every minute of it! You can see all the posts from this month here, but let’s take a look back at our highlights:

Fairy Tale Writing Contest

Inspired by Sweetly, we’ve asked you to write the beginnings of your own modernized/adapted fairy tale!

The contest is open through midnight (PT) tonight — so hurry and get your last-minute entries in!

Be sure to check out the complete rules & details first.

Desktop Wallpapers

Not only did we create desktop wallpapers for Sweetly, we also created some for its companion novel, Sisters Red.

Fairy Tale Classroom

We created several posts that show the origins of the fairy tales Jackson has adapted, and ways to incorporate her books into the classroom:

Jackson Speaks!

Not only did Jackson record an AWESOME vlog just for us, but she also answered mucho questions for us in this exclusive Q&A:

For the comments: What were your favorite moments from this past month? What are your thoughts after reading Sweetly?

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