Divergent by Veronica Roth – Faction Focus: Abnegation

More than family, our factions are where we belong.
Divergent by Veronica Roth

All this week we are focusing on each of the five factions within Divergent by Veronica Roth. The factions are described as different groups within the book’s society, each one serving a different purpose. Each faction has its own particular style of dress, preferred behavior, neighborhoods, jobs, etc. Likewise, each faction also helps make up the society’s governing body — though in different positions based on their skills and talents.

Today, we turn our attention to Abnegation: The Selfless — which is the faction that main character Beatrice is born into.

Here is what Veronica wrote about Abnegation on her website:

ABNEGATION: 1. to refuse or deny oneself (some rights, conveniences, etc.); reject; renounce.
2. to relinquish; give up
I like the verbs in that one: refuse, deny, reject, renounce–active forms of stripping things from your life. As opposed to relinquish, give up– more passive.

And here is the Faction Manifesto for Abnegation:

I will be my undoing
If I become my obsession.

I will forget the ones I love
If I do not serve them.

I will war with others
If I refuse to see them.

Therefore I choose to turn away
From my reflection,
To rely not on myself
But on my brothers and sisters,
To project always outward
Until I disappear.*

(*Some members add a final line: “And only God remains.” That is at the discretion of each member, and is not compulsory.)

Essentially, it is the job of the Abnegation to care for everyone else in their society. They don’t look at mirrors except for once a month to trim their hair. They dress conservatively and plainly, so as to disappear into the background. They never stand out. They will always make a sacrifice for the betterment of someone else.

For the comments: Do you think you’re selfless enough to fit in with the Abnegation?

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