Team Get Some Week: Favorite Hot & Steamy Scenes in YA

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All this week we’re teaming up with YA author Suzanne Young to show our support for Team Get Some … that is, the hottest romances in YA fiction.

Throughout the week, we’ve featured our favorite guys from different categories: The Best Friend, The Awesome Boyfriend, The Hot New Guy, The Bad Boy and The Classic Literary Crush.

Today, we’re getting Hot & Steamy with some of our favorite, most romantic scenes from YA fiction. These authors show us how to write romance well … so well, that we’re inevitably jealous of the female protagonist and like to imagine ourselves in their places. And because we really want to share the wealth, today’s picks include specific page references — so you can check them out for yourselves.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

One of the steamiest scenes in the book — though appropriately chaste, considering the book takes place in Victorian London — occurs on pages 285 to 293. Here’s an excerpt:

For a moment their mouths pressed hotly together, Will’s free hand tangling in her hair. Tessa gasped when his arms went around her, her skirts snagging on the floor as he pulled her hard against him. She put her hands lightly around his neck; his skin was burning hot to the touch. Through the thin material of his shirt, she could feel the muscles of his shoulders, hard and smooth.

Be sure to check out Clockwork Angel to read more. Another steamy scene worth noting happens on pages 462 to 465.

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

There’s plenty of hot & steamy in Hush, Hush and Crescendo, but things definitely start out on a high note in Crecendo with the scene on pages 20 to 28. Here’s a taste of what to expect:

I unlatched my seat belt and bent across the console, finding Patch’s mouth in the darkness. I kissed him slowly, savoring the taste of sea salt on his skin. He’d shaved this morning, but now his stubble rasped my chin. His mouth skimmed my throat and I felt a touch of tongue, causing my heart to bump against my ribs.

And it only gets better from there! Find even more goodies like that in both Hush, Hush and Crescendo.

White Cat by Holly Black

Holly Black’s White Cat isn’t really about a romance — but that never stopped me from loving her imaginative and action-packed tale of magically-gifted mobsters. Still, the underlying tale of lost love between bad boy-trying-to-be-good Cassel and his former best friend Lila is enticing — and builds to a true climax by the end of the book. (It’s this ending that really leaves you hankering for book 2, Red Glove, in stores this coming Spring). The hot & steamy comes in on pages 303 to 310. Here’s a taste:

She leans in close, and everything about her is dizzyingly warm and soft.

“I missed you, too,” she says, voice low and breathless.

I laugh, which helps me clear my head a little. “You wanted to kill me.”

She shakes her head. “I always liked you. I always wanted you. Always.”

“Oh,” I say stupidly. And then I kiss her.

Her mouth opens under mine and she lies back, drawing me down onto the bed with her. Her arms twine around my neck and she sighs against my mouth. My skin feels pricklingly hot.

Read the rest in White Cat and keep your eyes peeled for Red Glove this March.

Jane by April Lindner

Though marketed simply a modern retelling of Jane Eyre, Jane by April Lindner definitely offers some things you’d never expect to find in Charlotte Bronte’s original novel — most notably, a truly steamy scene between Jane and Nico Rathburn (this book’s version of Mr. Rochester). You can find this stand-out moment on pages 201 to 212. Here’s a little sample:

And he kissed me again, his hands in my hair, and then on my waist. His lips were gentle at first, then more insistent. Then he released me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. When had it gotten so dark out? With one finger he traced my profile, from my forehead, down my nose, to my chin, and then down my throat to the top button of my blouse. Looking me straight in the eyes, he undid the top button. Then, when I didn’t object, he undid the next one.

Be sure to read the rest in Jane … it’s definitely worth it!

And check out Suzanne’s hot & steamy scene choices on her website, and share your favorite romantic scenes in YA lit in the comments below! (Page numbers are especially appreciated!)


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