The Hunger Games – Videos to Use in the Classroom

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Last week, we looked at how student-made trailers can be used to enhance the teaching of The Outsiders. Today, we are happy to share with you a few of the videos out there right now for The Hunger Games.

I used this video to preview the novel before we began reading it. Predicting is a skill struggling readers have a hard time with, and using such intense and mesmerizing visuals really got the kids excited about predicting what The Hunger Games was all about.

There are two videos that I will be using during the emotional scene between Rue and Katniss. I feel like it’s a big turning point for Katniss in the novel, and intend to spend a good deal of time on it when we get there. First, is a video we showcased earlier this week. It’s a wondrous recreation of the scene. The second video is Rue’s lullaby with the lyrics. I intend to have the students analyze the lyrics, and discuss the song’s tone.

and because even though we’re only halfway through the book and the Team Peeta / Team Gale debate has already started without any prompting:

I’m all about the teachable moment. I plan on reviewing the rules of debate, and allowing the students to argue their teams. Even the boys have a favorite.


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