Guest Blog: The Admins of Fallen Archangel

Today, we are pleased to present a guest post from the admins at Fallen Archangel — the official fan site for series! Be sure to read all about what they have to offer, and be sure to check out their site!

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We have to begin with a huge thank you to Novel Novice for making the HUSH, HUSH Saga and Becca their focus this month.  As the fans who run, the official HUSH, HUSH Saga fansite, it’s pretty obvious just how much we love Patch and Nora’s story so we’re pretty darn excited to see them spreading the love.  And what a month it’s been! They’ve covered everything from cars and mythology to chatting with Becca and the first line of Book 3. Now that you all know how incredible Becca and her books are we’d like to tell you a little about what we do over at Fallen Archangel and invite you to stop by to check things out.


Wondering when and where you can meet Becca when she’s on tour? When TEMPEST will be in stores?  We’ve got the answers. We’re very fortunate to have a great relationship with both Becca and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, so we’re able to share the latest news and information.


We introduced you to Drew Doyon and Samantha Ruggiero, the cover models of HUSH, HUSH and CRESCENDO. Simon & Schuster partnered with us to reveal a live chalk drawing of CRESCENDO’S cover…We’ve been very lucky to share all kinds of goodies and there’s more to come!


Connect with other fans of the HUSH, HUSH saga. Chat about other books you love, ask questions about Patch, find out who else loves watching The Vampire Diaries (Us, we do we do! So does Becca!). It’s a great place to chat with fans from all over the world and you never when we might let registered forum users get the first peek at something special. They were the first to see our feature on the band responsible for the great music in the CRESCENDO book trailer!


Another perk of working with such a great publisher like Simon & Schuster is that they’re very generous and provide us with everything from advanced copies to audio books (and the killer HUSH, HUSH posters!) for the numerous contests we host. You can find contests on our site, forum, blog, Twitter and Facebook.  Hint: We’ve like to do surprise giveaways on FB and Twitter.


Since there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t have a book in our hands we love to spread the word on what books we’re reading. Each month we feature at least 1 title that we think you should pick up. Sometimes we host live chats with the author or interviews, giveaways of the book/swag. Next week we’re very excited to host our very first read along of Lauren Oliver’s BEFORE I FALL with a live chat with Lauren at the end. You can find more information on that on the Featured Fiction page on the main site.


In addition to keeping you posted on the news side of Becca’s world we also have fun tidbits about Becca on her author page and a great feature called Becca’s Bookshelf where you can find a list of books she recommends.

Come visit us at Fallen Archangel, we love meeting new fellow fans. Thanks again to Novel Novice for letting us ramble on about ourselves. November’s our new favorite month now. ; )


-On Twitter we’re @HushHushfan

-On Facebook we’re Fallen Archangel

-If you have any questions about the books, Becca or even us you can stop by our Formspring page

-You can email us anytime at admin(at)fallenarchangel(dot)com

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