Introducing the new!

Welcome to the new — a sister site of

The idea behind was simple — to use Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga to help teach literature to kids and get them excited about reading beyond the series, and education in general. The site has grown quickly — in just a year and a half, we reached more than 2,000,000 visitors and have taken on a staff of several talented and dedicated ladies.

But we wanted to take the concept further — beyond Twilight. Not that we don’t still love Twilight — we do, and isn’t going anywhere. But we’re also huge fans of other books. And while we frequently mention other books at, we wanted a place where we could really focus on reading and promoting great new reads to young readers.

We will regularly feature new and recent book releases for teen readers; look to find them especially in our Featured Titles page and our Book of the Month feature, beginning in February.

Here’s some other features available or coming soon to Novel Novice:

We’ll also post the latest news about some of our favorite books, including news about potential or upcoming movie adaptations. We’re also developing some exciting features — and we’re always looking for your ideas.

So please — click, explore & share your thoughts in the comments sections throughout the site!

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Welcome to the new Novel Novice!

This is a place where teens and young adults can come to find great new books to read, and share their own reading recommendations.

This is a place where students can show-off their work related to books and literature.

This is a place where teachers can share resources, class projects and ideas.

This is a place where parents can come for tips, resources and tools to help encourage their teens to read.

The site will be growing and developing over the coming weeks and months — but we’re excited you stopped by. Please continue to visit us, and we welcome your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

We’re also looking to expand our staff. If you’re interested in helping out, e-mail

Interested in becoming an affiliate? E-mail

Want more? Check out our preview video:

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