News update about The Hunger Games movie & Mockingjay

Posted May 28, 2010 by Sara 13 Comments

This week at Book Expo America, Scholastic hosted a cocktail party in honor of Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games trilogy, and the upcoming final installment, Mockingjay.

While there, MTV talked to producers at Lionsgate and got the latest scoop on The Hunger Games movie adaptation:

They said Suzanne had given them her draft of the script, which is now being revised by another screenwriter. They hope to be able to announce a director this summer, and go into production in January to release the film later in 2011.

MTV also got to listen in as Collins read some of the first passages from Mockingjay (no advance copies are being made available — to anyone):

Collins smiled slyly as she pulled out a handful of galley pages and, yes, read the opening passage of “Mockingjay.” Even though the scene was even sadder than the conclusion of “Catching Fire,” and I fought back tears as she read, I was also fighting back the urge to jump up and down with excitement at getting that tiny sneak peek. (SPOILER: It begins with Katniss looking at the ashes of her home in District 12.)

Who else is just dying for August 24th???


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13 responses to “News update about The Hunger Games movie & Mockingjay

  1. i think theyll have a hunger games between district and capitol whoever wins theyre side gets to live in the capitol then capitol wins and district 13 nuke them with katniss and everyone safe

  2. Kendall

    Cast me for Katniss(:
    I’m 15, dark brown hair, olive skin, I’m athletic, I can sing, and I’ve done film work before! I have a lot of potential, just give me a chance to show you!

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